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Hide and Seek


My name is siya rajputa happy mom of two kids.

Parenting is not that easy. Along with excitement, responsibility also increases. Being a parent we want our kids to be happy and shine throughout the day and what makes them shine, it's none other than their first love; TOYS. It’s a bit surprising that their first love does not last for a long time, it keeps changing and affects the Budget. With emotional thinking we end up buying toys which become less attractive with time making our homes overly cluttered. We felt this as a huge concern when it comes to money and the environment. So, we started sharing our toys, clothing and other baby stuff with our friends and family. Little did we know that this was just the beginning of something very big.

 We are parents to an 8 year old son and 5 year old daughter. During the pandemic we saw a lot of clutter of toys, clothes and a lot of unused kid’s stuff, so we decided to declutter and share it with our friends and family. Slowly we realized that this is a situation with every new aged couple. Just after the pandemic we researched more and decided to contribute more where parents can share their kid’s stuff with other parents or buy any other required stuff or even donate to underprivileged kids.

Now our Vision is “To spread awareness and thought of conserving sharing and upcycling’’. We believe in teaching and spreading the thought of “Sharing is Caring''.  So, Let’s spread Love together.

At preowned mini treasures, we understand the importance of finding safe, high- quality items for your children. We provide a wide selection of gently used items for infants and new-born kids.Our inventory includes toys, books, gears, clothing,boots and much more. We focus on providing our customers with the best selection of products at reasonable prices. With our easy to navigate shop by category and age system,you can find just what you need in no time by exploring Pre-Owned Mini Treasures now.


Our Dream

A dream is to ensure every child gets access to the most comfortable clothing range, good quality of educational toys and games and all the necessities that are required for both developmental and super fun in the initial years.


What makes us different from others

Products’ selection by our experts is just one of the many reasons that makes Preowned unique;

  • All products we sell come with assurance that they are genuine and at their best condition.

  •  We sell every product after getting them verified by our Experts and collect them from caring sellers. We do not play around when it comes to quality.

  • Trust is the foundation of every relationship so we believe in making everything hassle free for our extended family and making trustworthy relations.

Welcome to the new era of Playing by sharing with PREOWNED MINI TREASURE.

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